• P.C.A classes have clear qualifications and weekly class objectives. This will give the athlete a direct path to success with a clear map of expectation.
  • Cheerleaders work hard to get the skills they need to be successful. P.C.A wants to make sure to keep current skills sharp as we move to new ones. P.C.A will achieve this by using all the skills the athlete needed to qualify for their current class to assist with warm-ups weekly.

 Class Information


  • Private Lessons are offered to enhance a child’s learning in a one-on-one or small group setting.
  • Private lessons can be an effective tool to assist athletes in reaching their tumbling goals.
  • A student can book a private lesson if he or she is having difficulty on a skill, needs practice before starting a new class or just needs some extra attention.

 Private Lesson Information


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The staff is Awesome, very knowledgeable and my daughter loves going every week! 
- Kristie 

Thank You Pandora Cheer Family.
Because of you, this is our 7th year in business. I cant wait to see what the future brings.